Use Case

Retail Property Data Analytics

Our retailers property such as shopping malls now can capture, analyze, and understand offline digital foot-traffic within the area. Sonic Sense provides our clients with understanding of visitors behaviors and journey throughout the properties by capturing our state-of-the art algorithm analyzer using multiple data points from customers digital devices.

Shopping malls’ mobile applications equipped with our Sonic Tone enables them to do frictionless transactions quickly and securely.

Radio Interactive Engagement

In many big cities, especially in Jakarta, daily commute has not always been easy due to unpredictable traffic pattern that almost always jammed. The majority in-car daily commuters source of entertainment has always been the same year after year, radio.

We are partnering up with a number of radio stations to create real-time direct engagement with their listeners through their mobile phones using our Sonic Tone technology. Using this avenue, radio stations can directly engage with their listeners while also benefiting from real-time data analysis of listeners broken down in different time segments.

Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

One of the classic hurdle of DOOH players is to figure out the exact number of exposed viewers of their contents. Their best effort could not even go far with manual counting effort, which proven to be unreliable and inaccurate.

Using Sonic Sense we took out the guess work from our clients. Our technology when placed is able to count and create real-time and historical heat-mapping around their properties. This numbers turns out to be a significant help to boost their advertising business to understand their viewers profile and demographics.

Events / Venue

One of the primary objectives for event organizers and tenants to have meaningful engagement with the visitors. Many efforts have been made to achieve that goal through games, visual banner, and others. However, these attempts often require a lot of friction from both the tenants and visitors.

Sonic Tone can achieve these engagement per individual visitor, selected area, or all visitors as seamless as possible. It eliminates any friction to visitors mobile apps. Using our technology, visitor can have better experience while event owners can get better visitors’ data to engage them in the future.

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